6 Key Areas of Concern

Examining Your Current Situation


  • Knowing your current net worth
  • Tracking your current income and expenses
  • Projecting your future net worth, income and expenses
  • Planning for emergency needs
  • Determining the value of your business


Having Adequate Protection


  • Providing for dependents in case of death
  • Replacing earning power if disabled
  • Addressing health care concerns
  • Providing for potential long term care costs
  • Protecting your ability to pay a mortgage
  • Protecting your ability to meet savings and educational goals
  • Planning for business continuation


Accumulating Wealth


  • Creating a cash reserve
  • Buying a house or vacation home
  • Buying a business or income property
  • Accumulating money for education expenses
  • Saving for a special purpose
  • Managing debt
  • Reviewing your investment portfolio


Managing Income Taxes


  • Minimizing federal income taxes
  • Minimizing state income taxes
  • Analyzing how your business affects personal income taxes


Planning for Retirement


  • Ensuring adequate retirement income
  • Government benefits
    •             Employee benefit plans
    •             Personal savings and investments
  • Providing for the cost of adequate:
    •             Medical care
    •             Nursing home care
  • Managing pension distributions
  • Using business assets for retirement
  • Projecting the impact of an earlier or later retirement age


Preserving Wealth


  • Minimizing excessive estate settlement and inheritance taxes
  • Continuing or transferring ownership of:
    •             Personal assets
    •             Business assets
  • Estate planning