How We Work

When you become my client, I help you define your current situation, outline your future goals and then I will create a customized investment strategy that will align with your stated objectives. We will work closely together throughout this process so that you remain informed of your choices and in control of your investable assets. 

To keep you fully informed and engaged in the process we work within the context of the following consulting process:
Introductory Meeting – Values and Visions
We will speak about your values and your visions so that I can fully understand your goals. We will identify and prioritize your objectives. I will explain how I work and why I believe in the importance of a disciplined investment approach. I will also discuss costs and my fee structure.
Discovery Session
We will ask you to gather certain information and specific documents to bring with you so we can accurately discuss your needs. We will also discuss when and how you would like to retire, your investment risk tolerance and your money management philosophy
Financial Analysis
I will review your current estate plan, investments, income and expenses, taxes, life Insurance, long term care plans; then I will design a strategy to help you meet your objectives. 
Present Your Comprehensive Financial Plan
I will carefully review my recommendations with you and the reasoning behind the decisions, answer all your questions and, once you are comfortable, begin implementation process
Implementation Meeting
Once you have asked me to implement my recommendations, we will sign all the necessary paperwork and documents to establish and fund your financial strategy.
 Ongoing Progress Reviews
Each month you will receive investment statements.  Online access is provided to review your account 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  Because circumstances rarely remain the same, and products are constantly changing,  we continually monitor programs and review investment strategies.