Our Promise

It is one of our core principles that the needs and objectives of our clients are paramount and that they will be treated in a fair and ethical manner by the firm, its employees and affiliates.


Embedded in this principle are two facts:


  1. Each client has important rights concerning the decisions which are made
  2. Each client has important responsibilities. 


As a Client You Have the Right To:


Premier Service


  • To be treated as we would like to be treated
  • Have prompt and courteous responses to your questions and concerns as well as fair resolution to any issue with your accounts
  • Know that being our client is more than just a business arrangement, it is an esteemed, long term, relationship


Full Clear Reporting and Disclosure


  • Be fully informed about all costs associated with your account.
  • Be fully informed about all strategic decisions regarding your accounts before any implementation
  • Receive accurate, timely and regular statements of your account, including detailed information about all transactions
  • Be provided with clearly written descriptions of our firm’s policies and practices
  • Understand fully our policies on privacy protection responsible, competent financial advice
  • Be offered responsible financial strategies based on your stated goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and situation as defined by you and your advisor
  • Trust that your financial professional is fully competent, knowledgeable and licensed
  • Provide the appropriate advice possible for your situation
  • Be provided with information about any financial strategy’s risks, time lines and past performance
  • To be advised of realistic expectations based on your actual financial situation
  • Have your financial plans, accounts, investments and insurance reviewed on a regular and timely basis


As A Client Your Responsibilities Are:


Communicate with Your Advisor


  • Provide accurate information about your financial status, goals and risk tolerance
  • Ask questions about recommendations, strategies, current accounts and investments, potential conflicts of interest, costs and fees
  • Notify your advisor immediately if there is a change in your financial situation or personal life (i.e. loss of a job, divorce or death)